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Our massive online store is one of a kind, it has many functions that put our competition to shame.
Check out our demo store below and see all that we have to offer.

Our features allow you to run a successful online business with ease, see all our features below:

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  • We’ve developed our system for your convenience. We can easily customise it to fit your unique needs
  • If your customisation requests benefit the system in general, you will not be charged.
  • Allow your customers to purchase an advertisement package to advertise on your site
  • You can approve or reject these ads personally
  • You can also add Google AdSense to your website and earn additional revenue
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • You can choose your own keywords for your website
  • You can choose the description for your website
  • Once your website is launched it will be submitted to 457 search engines worldwide and you can also order additional submissions if needed
Ordering Process
  • You have complete control over your order management system
  • You can search orders by their payment method
  • You can view all incomplete orders easily
  • You can add multiple images per product
  • You can allow a product to be downloadable
  • You can upload additional specifications for each product
  • You can assign keyword for each product
  • You can edit your product keywords for Google and other search engines
  • You can specify an item weight
  • You can add various content to your product description, i.e. videos and PDF documents
Worldwide Compensation Websites
  • You can link your products to various price comparison websites in South Africa as well as international ones
Loyalty Points
  • All searches that are performed are stored in the system, allowing you to see what people were looking for so that you can optimise your site and your products
  • You can assign loyalty points to customers who complete a purchase
  • You can set your own ratios for points awarded per product
  • Users can claim their points when they complete future purchases
Credit Card Terminal
  • You will get access to Virtual Card Services (VCS) without any additional documentation required
  • Proceeds of your sales will be paid to you within 36 hours, which allows for our fraud and accounts department to review each transaction for maximum safety
  • You can upload any brand of products you want to your website
  • You can add a product to multiple categories
  • You can create sub-categories
  • You can add descriptions for each category
  • You can select to allow only one entry per competition
  • The system can select a random inner for you
Content Pages
  • You can create unlimited pages
  • You can upload documents, pictures and other types of content
  • All websites are optimised for South African customers
  • You can select other countries to which your product will apply
  • Newsletter management it built into the system
  • Users can unsubscribe at any time
Stock Control
  • You can import your stock details from Quickbooks or Pastel
  • You can export your current stock to Excel
  • You can hide products that are out of stock
  • You can opt to get a warning email for stock levels getting low
Product Importing
  • You have access to a bulk importing tool
  • Our support staff ill assist ith adding products into a system
  • The importer ill automatically create categories and brands based on your uploaded data
  • Your customers can buy a voucher
  • Vouchers will be emailed to your customers and they can print them out
  • You can add specific attributes to products that fall outside of the basic description
Banking Information
  • You can easily modify your banking information to pay via debit order
  • Credit card sales are paid into the same bank account
  • Customers who pay via EFT will be sent your banking details for payment
  • We have plug-ins available that can provide courier costs in real-time
  • You can add fixed delivery prices
  • Your customers can choose from a list of delivery options
  • You may support a charity by donating a portion of your customers’ sales
Email Accounts
  • You can create or delete email addresses in the system
  • You can view passwords
  • Set up instructions will be provided to set up email addresses on smartphones
  • You can capture commonly asked questions from your customers
  • Product views are stored in the system that allows you to see which products are popular
  • Searches are also stored, allowing you to see what people are looking for when they visit your site
  • You can edit your menu buttons directly in the system
  • You can export your products directly to Excel
  • You can receive an SMS every time a sale is made
  • You can disable this feature in the system whenever you want
  • You can set a special with a start and end date
  • Any amount of products can be assigned to a special
  • Specials can be advertised on your home page
  • You can view your customers’ information in the system
  • Editing is not allowed on customers’ information to ensure privacy and accurate information
  • Customers can opt to subscribe to your mailing list
  • You can view new subscribers
  • The system will recognise a duplicate subscription so your customers will never receive the same email twice
Try it out!

Not convinced? See for yourself, have a look at our online demo store:


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